Permanent Makeup

You may have features that you'd like to improve, that make you feel self-conscious, take too much time to deal with, or keep you from doing the things you want to do without worry ... We understand.

  • Microblading

    Microblading also is known as 3-D, Feathered or Embroidery brow is a relatively new method of permanent makeup. It is a very natural looking brow compared to a tattooed, hair stroke or shaded eyebrow. It is done using a very fine needled hand tool to deposit pigment into the epidermis. This method is great for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows both men and women. The results are a natural, flawless, fuller looking eyebrows. Microblading will require a touch-up between 12 to 18 months.

  • Permanent Eyeliner

    A choice of either Upper Eyeliner, Lower Eyeliner or both Eyelids you will get lash Enhancement (in the lash line to give you the appearance of a thick full lash line) or a thicker more modern Eyeliner.

  • Lip Liner/Lip Blushing

    ​Permanent Lip Liner, Lip Blushing with or without full lip color can be beautiful. This procedure helps prevent the look of your lipstick bleeding and can also correct an asymmetrically shaped lip line. Another wonderful benefit to lip color is a fuller sexy pout. Darker skin tones may not be suitable for permanent lip color due to the natural undertones occurring in the skin pigmentation and the way that this affects the end result. Cold sore sufferers should start on a course of anti-viral cold sore medication prior to starting permanent cosmetic treatment and make their technician aware of this when scheduling the appointment

  • Areola Restoration

    One of the most rewarding aspects of permanent cosmetics work is working with breast cancer survivors. 3D Areola Restoration is a procedure for women and men who have lost one or both nipples through surgery or trauma. By using traditional tattooing techniques, the appearance of the nipple can be restored to a more natural appearance after mastectomy, breast reduction scars, or trauma. Areola Restoration can create an Areola after breast reconstruction minimizing the appearance of scars to restore Areola to a more natural-looking color and shape.

  • Shar Miller; Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist

    Shar Miller is a certified, licensed, and trained permanent makeup artisit in the states of ND & MN. She created her buisness with one goal in mind: the well-being of her clients. She offers affordable, safe treatments for women and men, while using only industry-approved, state of the art technology, needles and pigments. Check out her website to learn more about Shar!

  • Teri Bjornstad; Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist

    Teri began in 1996 working with a reconstruction specialist who repaired face and jaw anatomy on patients with a deformity, disease or scars due to an accident etc.

    The Surgeon would reconstruct areas of the face and head or mold and fit the patient with a prosthetic. Teri would then apply permanent makeup to give a prosthetic a more realistic apperance and/or camouflage any color variations or scar areas.

    Teri does permanent makeup procedures that include; Eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areola reconstruction and scar/camouflaging. She is licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota where she works for an individual contractor for local clinics and Medi-Spas. Teri resides in Florida, but travels to the Midwest often. 

    Please call (651) 283-2493 to make an appointment with Teri!

  • Microblading

    Pre & Post Care is very important to your cosmetic tattooing procedure please click HERE to view instructions prior to your visit!

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