eyelash extensions, lash extensions, lash enhancement, false lashes, eyelashes, lash society
eyelash extensions, lash extensions, lash enhancement, false lashes, eyelashes, lash society

Eyelash Extensions 

When you come into our Spa, you will be greeted by a friendly face and offered a seat while you wait for your lash artist. You will then go through to meet with your professional lash extension artist in one of our private rooms. You will have a consultation where you can describe the look you are after, whether it be glamorous or natural. 


During the consultation your artist will determine the right length, thickness and curl of lashes to apply to your own lashes. You'll then lie down on the treatment bed, and what happens next is entirely up to you!


You can either take a nap, or chill out to the background music, or you can chat to your artist about anything you want! Most clients use this time so they can unwind and relax!


With a full set, the stylist will apply a lash extension to each of your natural lashes. Each set will be fully customized to the look you are after. 


Touch-ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks. Price will be determined on how many lashes you have remaining at your touch up. 


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Eyelash Tinting $30

What is Eyelash tinting?

Tinting is a 25 to 30 minute procedure in which eyelashes or eyebrows are dyed from root to tip, giving them a darker, fuller and more dramatic appearance. 


What are the benefits of tinting?

Eyelash tinting elimates the need for mascara, while brow tinting elimates the need for filling your brows in. For those with blonde lashes and brows, as well as those whose lashes and brows have been bleached by the sun, tinting is a great alternative to daily makeup use. It is also convenient since it will not bleed or run. It's a great solution for athletes, teary eyed situations, or the lake or beach!


What is the tinting process?

Tinting is similar to getting your hair dyed. A gentle plant-based dye is carefully applied with a small, disposable brush similar to a mascara wand. Within 10-20 minutes the lashes/brows are darkend and the dye is removed with soft cotton and water.


How long will it last? 

Tints can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. 


How frequently should you tint?

To maintain the best results, tinting should be completed approximatley every 4 weeks. 


Will it be painful?

The treatment should be virtualy painless. Eyelash tinting may not be for everone though. Although we use special dyes, some people have extremely sensitive skin or are allergic to color additives or hair dye. 

Eyelash Lift - $50

The lash lift is a service that makes your eyes appear like you have extensions on by simply enhancing your natural lash. No adhesives or additional extensions are required. It is a great alternative to those who are unable to obtain extensions due to eye problems or sensitivities. The treatment lifts, curls and defines your natural lashes to make them look longer and fuller for 6 - 8 weeks.

Eyelash Lift & Tint - $65

The perfect couple! The lift gives you the curl you wish you were born with, and the tint maks wearing mascara optional! 

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