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Infinite Skin strives to provide you with the most up to date and professional services. Our trained professionals will work with you to determine which services are right for you. 


By selecting a category below, you will be able to explore which services may be beneficial to you!

Body Treatments

The nonsurgical options available at Infinite Skin Aesthetic Medical Spa go well beyond the face. In fact, we offer several treatments designed to enhance the way your body looks and feels.


Receiving regular facials is an essential part of keeping our skin well hydrated and youthful in appearance. It is also a true experience in pampering as well. There are many impurities from our surroundings that clog our pores leaving skin dull and appearing tired.


The aging process has an unavoidable tendency of producing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin as well as depleting its youthful volume. Injectable treatments provide our clients with a minimally-invasive rejuvenation option that subtly enhances the features of the face while restoring youthfulness to the skin without any long term commitments, discomfort or downtime.

Laser Treatments

At Infinite Skin we use the most advanced laser treatments available to deliver visible results.

Massage Therapy

Jennifer Rode, RN, LMT, offers specialized, therapeutic treatments targeted to your body’s needs.

Permanent Makeup

You may have features that you'd like to improve, that make you feel self-conscious, take too much time to deal with, or keep you from doing the things you want to do without worry ... 

We understand.



At Infinite Skin we offer our Clients a multitude of skin care products and treatments to enhance the quality and beauty of your skin.

Vitamin Injections

Feeling run down? Need a boost of energy? Many of our clients visit Infinite Skin monthly for a vitamin injection to help boost their metabolism and energy & supercharge their immune system. Clients also report improvements in mental clarity, focus, and mood.

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